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With Lenme, you can request a loan in seconds, and investors will compete to offer you the best interest rate that matches your profile. No one is excluded. Request a loan, accept an offer, and get funded the next day. Lenme helps you manage repayment, and it all happens in your mobile app.

Low Credit Score? No Problem

Do you have a low credit score? No problem. Everyone is allowed to request a loan on Lenme. Build history on our app, get bigger loans, and better rates.

Get Competitive Rates

Lenders compete to provide you the best interest rate. You set the terms, they offer their best rates. With Lenme, you have the power to choose. 

Flexible Payback

We want you to succeed. Payback automatically from your bank account. No more missed payments. Need an extension? Easy, just extend the payback period on your App. 

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