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Lenme Enterprise provides a digital-end-to-end solution for the financial institutions and lending businesses looking to lend in a small amount loan market.

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Why use
Lenme Enterprise?

Minimal Lending Costs

Leave the time-consuming paperwork to us. You do the lending and we’ll manage the process.

All the Data You Need

Save time and money. Only pay for the data you need when you need it.

No Acquisition Costs

Bring the capital, and we’ll bring the borrowers. it is that simple.

Easy Underwriting

Easily filter the criteria that fit your investment strategy and make an offer.

Automated Collections

We connect directly to the borrower’s bank and transfer the payments right to you.


We use machine learning and the latest identity verification technology to authenticate borrowers.

How it works

Getting started is easy.



Signup is easy. if you are a financial institution or a lending business, you are automatically eligible.


Evaluate Borrowers

Make offers and lend to borrowers in just a few clicks.



We digitally manage collections and automatically deposit payments into your account.

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If you would like to meet one of our sales team for a demo, please choose the date that suits you.

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