Lenme is very excited to announce being now a part of TechStars 23 portfolio, powered by Stellar and MoneyGram! TechStars is a worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed. The goal of TechStars program is to successfully raise seed rounds that can move the Lenme company forward and to the next big level! By achieving this, they can always keep on providing the best product to their users.

Lenme has had a huge impact on the Lending business and helped achieve a huge impact on the finances of both lenders and borrowers by offering an interface easily connecting both sides to reach the highest benefit. In less than 4 years, Lenme has proudly offered more than 16,000 loans with a value exceeding 5 Million USD! They are quickly making it to the top and being a part of the TechStars 23 program is a huge milestone making Lenme so proud and more encouraged to improve services to the best level possible.

Lenme CEO & Founder Mark Maurice was extremely happy and excited to announce Lenme as one of the brands featured in the 23 TechStars program mentioning: “We believe this step is a perfect achievement for Lenme and a good step to everything we have in mind for the company’s future. Our ambitions have no limits and the focus is always driven on the user’s needs, assuming it decides if the user will love and continue using the app! There is always room for improvement and fresh ideas to achieving success”

Lenme Co-Founder Kyo Kim also mentioned: “It’s a truly exciting moment to take the next step in our product’s evolution and move forward. We have demonstrated our ability to transform the complex loan process into a simple and healthy marketplace without any human involvement, and I’m confident that TechStars will enable us to take our product and vision to the next level. Acceptance into the TechStars program marks an important milestone for us.”

The fantastic partners, Stellar and MoneyGram, will support entrepreneurs. In order to create a strong payments and fintech ecosystem across Latin America and other emerging economies, these two organizations joined together. TechStars Payments’ portfolio businesses including Lenme are driving innovation in various areas and providing practical solutions to money-related issues.

The Program includes companies such as ( Banca.me – Bundil – College Cash – Mica – Meneo – Mox – Oinc – Pactta – Uils – Zumma )

Lenme considers this step a huge milestone in our journey helping Lenders & Borrowers and it’s just the beginning! More success stories are yet to come.

Thank you everyone who believes in the mission! It’s a very fine start for the new year and we can’t wait to grow with the TechStars program and show how Lenme will change the lending and borrowing experience for good. Stay tuned and follow on LinkedIn and Social Media channels for further updates and business developments!

There you have it – Borrowing with Lenme is as simple as that! Give it a try – download the app here.